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Is The Falcon And The Winter Soldier About Sam Grieving Cap?

Game Rant 20 Jul 2021
It is celebrated for its meaningful commentary on social issues, the growth it promotes in Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes' evolving relationship, and what truly makes a hero ... Here, Sam is still harboring anger over Bucky's words (and that he has now broken Zemo out of prison), but that anger begins to shift into guilt.

Steve's 'Avengers: Endgame' Departure Made A Supersoldier-Sized Plot Hole

Game Rant 11 Jun 2021
Bucky received a more watered-down version of the serum from Hydra, since Dr ... Sam Is Better For Bucky Than Steve ... Having harbored so much guilt and resentment for himself in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, there’s no way that Bucky spent more than a decade in a restful state, because he’s done so much damage in the past as The Winter Soldier.

MCU: Sam Is Better For Bucky Than Steve | Game Rant

Game Rant 10 May 2021
When Steve discovered Bucky was actually The Winter Soldier, he took on Bucky’s reformation as if Bucky was a charity case that Steve needed to fix ... Even though Sam and Bucky’s previous relationship with each other was far from pleasant, Sam harbors no resentment or holds Bucky to any standards ... Bucky also helped Steve defeat Tony in Captain America.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Sharon Carter Might Not Be What She Appears

Game Rant 05 Apr 2021
She shows up just in time to save Sam and Bucky, and helps them find the answers they're looking for about the super-soldier serum. Though she's clearly harboring a lot of anger because of how she was treated after Civil War, she acts as an ally towards Sam and Bucky, and is on their side for the course of the episode.

Andrew 'Bucky' Wesnak

The Scranton Times-Tribune 27 Dec 2020
Andrew (Bucky) Wesnak, 83, of Schnecksville and formerly of Scranton, Pa., passed away at home Thursday, Dec ... Bucky’s likable, helpful and loyal personality made him many friends, some of them lifelong ... This compassionate and caring side of Bucky earned him the gratitude, love and respect of many who worked with him “on the Boulevard.”.
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